Project List

Wonderland Rd. South – 2 Lane Upgrade

  • 2018 $6,240,000.00
  • City of London
  • WSP

Extensive reconstruction of 2.5 kilometers of Wonderland Rd. South between Highway 401 and 402. Involved expansion of existing road design to include wider lanes and full paved shoulders. Placed 98000 tonnes of granular and over 10000 tonnes of asphalt. Excavated for new ditch and designs for the CB Smith and Kransnicki Drains while maintaining and redirecting water flow throughout the project.

York St. – Sewer Separation Phase 1

  • 2018 $6,960,000.00
  • City of London

Reconstruction of York St. in downtown London including extensive removal and installation of updated storm sewers, sanitary sewers and watermain. Removed over 100-year-old infrastructure while installing up to 1350mm concrete storm pipe, 525mm concrete sanitary pipe and 450mm watermain. Featured extensive traffic control to maintain pedestrian and vehicle traffic through the downtown core. Included installation of over 2400 square meters of sidewalk and 5000 tonnes of asphalt.

Southdale Line

  • 2018 $750,000.00
  • City of St. Thomas

Infrastructure improvement project including widening of roadways for turn lanes at Southdale Ln and Peach Tree Blvd, installation of 700m of multi-purpose pedestrian and bike pathway in order to facilitate installation of 400mm diameter watermain. Due to significant grade changes in watermain install, required installation and commissioning of pressure reduction valve chambers.

First Avenue – Phase 1 Construction

  • 2017 $2,400,000.00
  • City of St. Thomas
  • GM Blue Plan

Major infrastructure project within downtown St. Thomas from Talbot St to Wellington St. Involved the upgrade of Sanitary and Storm Sewer as well as Water main. Included the installation of 1500mm diameter and 1350mm diameter concrete storm sewers as well as 750mm sanitary pipe. Complete restoration including 1800 tonnes of asphalt and 600 square meters of sidewalk.